Saint Amanda Missionary Baptist Church              Rev. A. E. Matthews, Pastor

  • Saint Amanda Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1883.  In order to establish the organization, members were borrowed from the Good Samaritan Missionary Baptist Church.  We honor it today as out Mother Church.  Among some of out first members were Sister Eliza Fellows and her sister Martha, with Reverend Etheridge Johnston as pastor.

  • Services were held under a bush harbor for a short length of time.  Later, land was given to build a church by Mr. Anderson Gower  The Church got is name from Sister Amanda Barbour.  It was named St. Amanda in honor of her loyalty, devotion and love for the struggling young church.  As the years went by and the church grew, a school was built and named St. Amanda School.  A lodge was formed and a baseball team, all under the name of St. Amanda.  Sister Amanda Barbour was the mother of Deacon Johnnie Barbour.  She was also the first laid to rest in the church cemetery.

  • St. Amanda was rebuilt in 1974.  Dedication Services were held on May 1, 1977.

  • We had our first Homecoming Services during the early ministry of Reverend James A. Avery, on the third Sunday in October.  Since that time, we have had our annual Homecoming Services on that day.  

  • Our present pastor is Rev. Argo E. Matthews, Jr.

  • We are indeed thankful to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for his divine guidance and the many blessings that he has bestowed upon us throughout the years..  We pray for his continued guidance and sweet spirit as move move forward into the new millennium.